How to publish an update of my iOS app?

There are few cases where you will have to update the framework and publish an update on the stores:

  • if you change your app name
  • if you change your app logo
  • if you change your app splashscreen
  • if you change your website domain (include http-s)

Request the update

  1. Go to the WPMobile.App dashboard in your WordPress admin area
  2. Click on "Update and files"

  3. Click on th "request an update link"

  4. Check your mail to launch the build process

Publish the new Build on the iTunes Store

  1. Connect to your ITunes Connect account: Https://
  2. Click on My Apps Then on your application
  3. Click on the version Finalize before submission In the left column
  4. Click on the (+) button and Select the Last Available build (wait few hours if there is no build)
  5. Click on Save Then Submit for verification At the top
  6. Reply Yes To the question Does this app use a IDFA ad ID?
  7. Check Offer advertisements in the app and I, the undersigned, XXX, affirms...
  8. Click on Send At the top to send the application in moderation.

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