How to Publish to ITunes Connect?

  1. Login to your iTunes Connect account or open your account.
  2. Click on My Apps Then on Your application
  3. Choose the category and then click Save
  4. Click on the version Finalize before submission In the left column
  5. Enter a description, keywords and the support URL
  6. Click on the (+) button Select the Last Build Available (if the (+) button is not available, wait until it appear, can take few hours)
  7. Click on Change To access the classification form
  8. Reply to the form and click Finished
  9. Enter the copyright information (your name or that of your company) and your address
  10. Enter the contact details of the person to be contacted in case of a problem during moderation and connection information if your application offers a private space (provide test IDs)
  11. Click on Save Then Submit for verification At the top
  12. Answer yes or no if your application displays copyrighted content
  13. Reply Yes To the question Does this app use a IDFA ad ID?
  14. Check Offer advertisements in the app and I, the undersigned, XXX, affirms...
  15. Click on Send At the top to send the application in moderation.

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