Open an Apple Developer account

Step 1: Create an Apple account

If you don't have one yet, create an Apple account

  1. Create your account at this address: Https://!&page=create

Step 2: Buy an Apple developer license

To be able to publish an application, and if you do not yet have one, you must purchase an Apple Developer license ($ 99/year).

  1. Click on the button Start Your Enrollment at the bottom of this page:
  2. Connect with your Apple account
  3. Read and accept the rules by checking the box and confirm by clicking on Submit
  4. Then click Join The Apple developer program
  5. Click on the top left button Enroll 
  6. Click on the button Start Your Enrollment At the bottom of the page
  7. Choose Individual If you publish as an individual, Company For a company and then on Continue
  8. Complete the form, read and agree to the rules by checking the box and confirm by clicking on Continue
  9. Review and confirm by clicking on Continue
  10. Check the box Automatic Renewal If you want the subscription to be automatically renewed every year and validate by clicking on Continue
  11. Re Connect if necessary
  12. Fill out the order form and validate

Step 3: Verify that the Apple account is ready

Connect to ITunes Connect via this page:

If you can connect and you have the icon  My Apps, everything is OK.

If this is not the case, go to this page: and resume Step 2 of this tutorial in point 1, 6 or 10 Depending on the page that appears.

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