Publish the app on the Play Store

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Publication on the Google Play store

Dowload the APK and files

  1. Go to the WPMobile.App dashboard
  2. Click on the link to download the .apk file. If the link is missing "update" the app.

Publish the app on the Google Play store

  1. Login to your Google Play account or open your account.
  2. Click on the button Create an application
  3. Select the default language and give a name to the application
  4. Choose the tab App release on right and click Manage production
  5. Click on Create release
  6. Continue to let Google manage your app signing key
  7. Click on Browse File and send the android-app-release.apk file in the app-file folder
  8. Go to the tab Content rating and click Continue
  9. Enter your email address, choose the most appropriate category and reply to the form
  10. Click on Save the form Then Assign a classification
  11. and finally Assign classification category At the bottom of the page
  12. Go back to the tab Store listing
  13. Complete the form
  14. You must put a link to A Privacy Policy. You can put this link or a page of your site taking the information from this PDF
  15. Return to the top and click Save Draft
  16. Go to the tab Pricing and distribution
  17. Choose whether the app is free or paid and the countries in which it will be available
  18. Select Yes or no to question Does this application include announcements? 
  19. And finally, at the bottom, you have to confirm that the application respects the regulations and the US export laws
  20. Go on the App content tab and fill the form
  21. Return to the top and click Save Draft
  22. At this point you should have 5 green ticks
  23. Go back to the tab App release > Production and click Edit version
  24. At the bottom enter "Initial release" and click Save Then Check
  25. Finally, click Launch deployment in production version To put the application online
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