Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

Apple finds that your application is too similar to your site or is not app friendly enought.

Application configuration

  • Use a mobile optimized theme (like WPMobile.App or some examples on codecanyon)
  • Think your app for a mobile user. If a page isn't ideal for the app, create a new page just for the app.
  • Be sure to remove any unnecessary page and block on the page. Be as light as possible.

App Store Connect

  • Remove all links pointing to your website
  • Use a social network page instead of your website as support url
  • Put your privacy policy in a pdf and host this file on a different website (or use
  • Be sure that all the screenshot display the last version of your app theme (use this tool to get new screenshot)
  • See this guide for more informations about the publication process
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